28 Mar 2023

Indian video reels & shorts

Indian video reels & shorts

Indian video reels & shorts
28 Mar 2023


Watch Indian video clips, reels & shorts. Chat & share local videos and stories

Capture & share everyday experiences with Playsee. Discover new people, places, and adventures. Get in touch with the locals via our brand-new Playsee Boards feature; start new conversations in the community and get first-hand information on the latest local happenings from the locals’ perspective. Use Playsee Boards and Playsee’s interactive map interface to discover all the big events and even the hidden gems happening in your area. Find new friends around you that share common interests and start building your Playsee social community!

Join over 10 million users today and watch or create your own short videos and stories that can be shared with nearby users or the entire Playsee community.

Interactive map discovery
 Find & watch short video stories posted by locals, people you follow, or anyone that shares your common interests!
 Let the map be your guide and discover hidden gems in your area with personalized recommendations, or explore new locations and hotspots with authentic locals’ recommendations.
 See exactly what’s trending in your area or anywhere in the world - from your neighborhood, the next town over, or other parts of the world - anywhere your heart desires!

Let people know what you’re up to
 Check-in at your local hotspots & capture your best moments to share with people around you.
 Let everyone know where’s the best place to grab a drink & food in your area.
 Explore trending spots & events in your city, wherever you are.
 Ask the locals for recommendations only they know with Playsee Boards!

Indian video reels & shorts
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