28 Mar 2023

Music Editor

Music Editor

 Music Editor
28 Mar 2023

 Music Editor is a very useful Audio Editor, MP3 Cutter, Ringtone Maker, Song Editor.

With Music Editor, you can cut out a certain part of music as a ringtone, alarm tone, and notification tone.

In addition to trim audio feature, you can also use Music Editor to connect multiple audio files into one, convert audio formats, convert video to audio, compress the quality of audio, and edit audio metadata, you can also change the volume level of the audio, and more.

The most powerful and complete MP3 Editor, It has all the features you would ever want in a Music Editor.

The main features of the Audio Editor:

 Trim Audio: Crop a part of the audio as a ringtone, alarm, and notification tone.

 Merge Audio: Connect multiple audio files into one.

Convert Audio: Change one music format to another, such as: AAC to MP3, M4A to MP3, MP3 to WAV and so on.

 My Creations: All processed audio files will be displayed here, you can re-edit, delete or share them.

 Mix Audio: You can mix two music into one, and you can also adjust the volume level of the music.

Compress Audio: You can compress audio by changing the channel, sample rate and bit rate.

 Tag Editor: You can change metadata of audio, such as: title, album, composer, year, and cover.

Split Audio: If you need to split an audio into two parts, you can use this feature.

Reverse Audio: Reverse the audio and plays it in reverse.

Speed ​​Editor: Edit audio speed, fast forward, slow down.

Remove Part: Remove a part of the audio.

 Mute Part: Part of the audio can be muted.

Volume Booster:You can change the volume level of audio.

Music Editor
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