28 Mar 2023

SIM Card information

SIM Card information

SIM Card information
28 Mar 2023

 SIM Card Info is a quick and simple app that display all the information stored on SIM card of your device. It lets you quickly access information about your device sim cards, network status, device information and the data stored on the primary sim card. It aims to be clean and simple to use and provides a multitude information on the sim cards of your device.

SIM Card information 

Supports dual and triple sim devices*

Phone Number

Voicemail Number

Serial Number (ICCID)

Subscriber Id (IMSI)

Operator Name

Operator Code

SIM Country

Software Version

SIM Network Information

Airplane Mode status

Roaming status


Network Operator ID

Network Operator Name

Network Country

Device Information




Code Name


HW Serial

Android Version

Android SDK version

Kernel version

Build ID

Phone Type

Reading contacts stored on SIM card

Reading SMS stored on SIM Card

Details of the required permissions. They are only requested as needed :

READ_PHONE_STATE = Display general SIM and phone information

READ_CONTACTS = Display Contacts on the SIM

READ_SMS =  Display SMS on the SIM

RECEIVE_SMS = Display SMS on the SIM

RECEIVE_SMS = Display SMS on the SIM

INTERNET = Required by Google ADs

SIM Card information
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